AWSのLoad Balancerを立ち上げる手順の説明文

Create Load Balancer

1. Define Load Balancer

This wizard will walk you through setting up a new load balancer. Begin by giving your new load balancer a unique name so that you can identify it from other load balancers you might create. You will also need to configure ports and protocols for your load balancer. Traffic from your clients can be routed from any load balancer port to any port on your EC2 instances. By default, we've configured your load balancer with a standard web server on port 80.

2. Configure Health Check

Your load balancer will automatically perform health checks on your EC2 instances and only route traffic to instances that pass the health check. If an instance fails the health check, it is automatically removed from the load balancer. Customize the health check to meet your specific needs.

3. Assign Security Groups

4. Add EC2 Instances

The table below lists all your running EC2 Instances. Check the boxes in the Select column to add those instances to this load balancer.

5. Review

Please review the load balancer details before continuing