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ビジネス英語 重要単語まとめ vol.1

objective of〜 〜の目的

The objective of this meeting is to decide next year's budget.

facilitate 会議を進行する、仕切る

He did well in facilitating the meeting.

clarify (問題点などを)明確にする

Let me clarify my point. First, ...

Could you clarify what you're proposing?

reservation 懸念

I have reservations about this plan.

share 共有する

Let me share with you some key factors.

overview 概要、要約

First, let me give you an overview of the project.

refer to〜 〜を参照する

Please also refer to page 30 in the catalogue.

summarize 要約する

announce 知らせる、公式に発表する

launch 立ち上げる

We're happy to announce the launch of two innovative services.

release 発売開始

commit 〜に本気で取り組む、結果を約束する

aim 〜を目指す

We aim to acquire 1 million new users.

generate 生み出す

We will generate profit.

produce 生産する

We produce mobile phones.


These are the advantage of proceeding with this plan.

achieve 達成する

We achieved a 20% increase in sales year-on-year.

team チーム

This team worked very hard together and delivered great results.